THERMOGRAPHY - non-invasive investigation of moisture in roofing and building components using a thermal imaging camera.

Regardless of the building type involved, infrared thermography can provide essential nondestructive information about construction details and building performance.

The thermal patterns observed on the roof where wet insulation is present are due to material differences in "thermal capacity" or "heat capacity".

The thermographer, using a thermal imaging infrared camera and moisture meter, can determine the pattern, limits, and paths of subsurface moisture.

By utilizing thermography, it is possible to:

  • Locate water-damaged insulation quickly and accurately
  • Identify small problems before they become serious and more expensive
  • Eliminate unnecessary replacement of good roof
  • Document problems before the warranty expires
  • An infrared assessment is recommended

  • Prior to acceptance of a new roof system
  • During a building’s commissioning process
  • Before any existing warranties expire
  • Before acquiring a new building
  • Before roofing over existing roofing
  • Before and after modifications or penetrations through the roof

  • RDCS offers Infrared Roof Inspections and Infrared Moisture Surveys. Infrared imaging is a proven method for identifying and defining moisture problems in a building envelope. This enables you to make informed decisions and will help maximize your investment and minimize maintenance and capital expenses.