Roof Design & Consulting Services, Inc. provides extensive in-house FORENSIC SERVICES to identify the causes and sources of moisture infiltration, including Infra-Red scans and in-situ testing. Investigative services may be provided at any time during the life of the building to evaluate the integrity of the building envelope and its components. RDCS has extensive experience in investigation of premature roof failures, damage from wind, hail, fire, moisture migration, or collapse and failures from excessive snow, ice, or ponding water.

Services include:
  • Inspections and Assessments - Analysis of existing conditions and issues due to aging, installation deficiencies, accidents, or environmental influences.
  • Quality Control Inspections – Inspection to verify proper use of materials and installation, including code compliance, and warranty coverage.
  • Forensic Services - Investigation to determine underlying causes of failures or deficiencies
  • Post-Storm Damage Analysis and Reports – Inspections to document existing conditions and damages after a storm event. The effects of hail damage, wind damage, water & air infiltration affect all building envelope components.
  • RDCS offers Infra-Red Thermography as a non-destructive investigative tool to detect latent deficiencies.
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